I had started last Thursday doing theses collages with photocopied imagery of sculptors work I been looking at for my dissertation Antony Gormley, Allan McCollum.Which were on my table as Jo came over to start my tutorial with me.

I showed her theses she advised me to stop using the figure I had been using imagery off by Antony Gormley I was unsure about that because I was enjoying working using imagery which was of a naked sculpture which normally if I see nudity in art it freaks me out I just find it a bit gross because it’s quite intense, but I have been brave and gutsy using it and I have surprised myself going outside my comfort zone. So I think I will keep using it.

Below are the collages I created and my studio space and wall showed Jo.



I also was unsure about her thought about me stepping away from my current figures for a bit and finding another shape to cast with because I am so engaged with them and passionate it’s going to be tricky for me and I said to her I am worried about that but I guess as my tutor like she said she is there to encourage me to challenge myself.

I liked how she helped me to realize with questions and discussion how my collages are manifesting into this red movement I am creating  adding red to theses images spreading it across making the work I use it on my own in a way. It’s exciting because collages are something I enjoy creating when I am not physically making figures since I love layers I love scale being able to play and be creative with them it’s so much fun. I love the thought of the red being my personal imprint almost on them and been spread across on all of them .

I now need to maybe think about how I use my current work now and maybe forget about the stories of how my work today came about but I still find them special and when I talk about my work it’s about the stories which led me to be doing what I am now creating its hard to just forget them so that is going to be an interesting journey to undertake.

I am excited to check out more of Louise Bourgeoise after seeing her work at the Tate Modern she seems right up my street in terms of what she creates how it is displayed and also theses other two artists Jo mentioned to me Matthew Darbyshire and Hanna Darboven who I haven’t heard about before so will be interesting to see their work and how it can relate to mine.