So after making nine plaster cast figures I decided I wanted to experiment with one using spray paint of course using red spray paint because its obvious I love red. I wanted to use spray paint because I not an art medium I use a lot I think I have used it once. I was curious to use it because of that how would one of my figures look spray painted red how would it compare to the red wax resin mad ones.

So my friend Tom was helpful giving me advice on the preparation for it which I did the two days before getting one of my plaster figures covering it in half PVA glue and water mixed together since he had done a lot of spray painting already before in his work which was nice of him.

Before I went to the workshop I put my blue overall boiler suit and I was given gloves to use by one of the technicians Richard to use in the spray painting booth when holding the spray I had brought along. He did show me how to spray gently lightly spraying as you’re doing it turning the wheel which my figure was on. I have to be honest I didn’t do that I went over the top with my spraying too hard and too much on one side of my figure. But oh well I think it was my lack of practice using a spray paint can and the more times I use it the better I will be at applying it.

After leaving it to dry a bit I took my newly spray painted red-figure back upstairs to my studio to see how it looked alongside my other figures inside my dollhouse and took a few photos I think they all look so cool now my figures there so much more varied than when I first started this collection which was all red. I think my figures now except there not all red and some will be changed and that they should still love them because there family.

Different is cool and it should be embraced and change which I find hard to deal with but I am getting so much better and intern my figures are too. Not everyone or everything is the same and I think it is boring to be ordinary.

I have to say after this doing this process I prefer the original red resin made ones the red is stronger and it’s not like it was something else before it became a resin figure it was nothing and I liked that where as the spray painted figure was plaster originally so its not true in the sense it’s always been red it hasn’t and I don’t actually like that I like the true and original organics appeal that the resin wax ones have.

But I am glad I sprayed one of the plaster ones I guess I have just built up a layered story for this figure from its humble beginnings  as a plaster cast then to a red spray painted figure which is interesting since I love stories and layers to my figures this one has its very own special story journey. Which I can talk about to my friends others around me and hopefully will be interesting to them and exciting..

Below are my photos I took of the process and afterwards unfortunately I don’t have any of myself spray painting just a selfie of me and the figure, I should have got a friend to photograph me doing it that would have been cool like a nice action shot if I use spray paint again next time I will do that because I do think  its interesting to see your self at work getting stuck into the process as a nice contrast change because you end up taking so many of the process without yourself in which I do a lot.

Hope you guys enjoy them and this blog overall.