I did worry a bit when Jo mentioned to us about a reflection research action plan we all would have to do for next week so she could see how we plan out and organize our reflections research because it instantly sounded like something quite hard and complicated to do, but I guess I can just do it in my own style like a mind map of what I have done and what i still need to do from the last three weeks she wanted. It worried me because I haven’t looked pacifically at any artists yet only artists I have used for my dissertation research and one I liked from the Tate Modern so I think will use them and combine the research.

Once I break things down it becomes less of a daunting prospect for me to do and I over think and stress myself out a lot so I need to stop doing that when the thing I am stressed about isn’t that bad sometimes, but sometimes it is like an essay or dissertation which is a big intense piece of work for me to do and thank god I am getting support with it otherwise I probably would be rubbish at getting it ever completed to something I would be proud off.

Jo also mentioned about a workshop day at Mothership Studios where we did visit earlier this year about learning to survive after university which we could go too if we wanted  which sounded cool because it is something I have been thinking about more so now being a third year part timer because I want to be able to keep making creating when I leave. But the thing is this workshop is on a Saturday and I normally like too have Saturday where I can do whatever I want and it’s not close to me either Mothership Studios so I don’t think I will go .