So my Granddad when he was alive had some alloy metal he gave to my Dad to keep to use maybe one day it was a big chuck slab of thick heavy metal when my dad showed me which now luckily now had a use for just as an experiment why not? It was my dads idea and to think at the end how cool would it be to have two metal figures very original and unique for me because I have tried plaster resin wax, but never metal so now my collection is even more varied. Also what would my existing figures be like towards the theses newbies.

With help from my dad to make one of my figures from it or two which we ended up making. Something special about this metal after my dad did some research on its name is Rosie’s metal which was really sweet since Rosie is what my family call me and Rose without the I is in my name Roseanna. It felt like it was made for me.

One of the toughest jobs which I didn’t do my dad had to do for me was once my metal figures had become solid and hardened in the ink cartridge containers to get them out because they were made from metal which was so heavy just holding one of the ink cartridge containers was a big effort I was pleased I didn’t have to try to get them out.

Luckily my dad got them out and they went broken which we were worried about when getting them out because my dad had to break the ink containers.

Holding them they were incredibly heavy but beautiful looking specially when you hold them up above you with great light because of their shiny reflective surface its slightly mirrored looking in.

I thought it would be as featured below in two of my photos to place my metal figures with my other ones to see what they look like and how they would be so I placed them in situation which is very real, I think to how people are when you get new people in a group of friends which is there on their own and the others are gossiping about them because there curious and intrigued by theses new charterers to their group.

I realize this my look unkind and come across nasty which I haven’t meant it to be there not gossiping about the metal figures in a nasty way but I just wanted to be real in how I show my figures I want them to be shown in way that people may question and may look at and think about whether its bad or good I want there to be interest when looking at them and how I place them in photos like as if there real.

I don’t want to be fake with them because then people would not relate or connect to them. It would be pointless.

Enjoy the photos I have photographed documenting the process below.