So decided to make some plaster figures because I wanted to make some more figures because ultimately I feel I am filled with the most joy and happiness making my figures in the workshop which has a lovely atmosphere the technicians are always their to help you, the other students are there too working and if you needed to ask something they can help you so it feels really friendly.

But also I wanted to make some new figures from a material which was plaster which I haven’t used that much and see how it went and whether I would like them afterwards how they would be in the dollhouse with the other figure’s there new family.

Martin one of the technicians helped me and my friend Amy who wanted to use plaster too because it had been a long while since we both had used plaster and it is quite a hands on messy process like clay so I had my all in one blue boiler suit on which I was happy to wear after months of not wearing it felt good to wear it protect my clothes from messy plaster splashes.

For me I find it hard with measuring stuff I find it quite technical so measuring and weighing plaster was  what I found hard with last time I used it so this time again I was worried about that, but having Martin closely helping me and Amy there too to help there was no need to be worried. I documented the process as photographing as always I would I find it helps me to then remember it and to look back on.

Also I love to post photos of what I am doing whether it my art or whatever if I am out and about with my friends family on social media. Below are some of the best photos edited filtered too to look better of the before and after process.

One of favourite parts of the process was seeing the contrast after my plaster figures had hardened next to my red figures it was really pretty seeing the white and red together they both looked incredible against each other.

Introducing my plaster figures to the red ones was cool because they were new to the dollhouse and to each other so I placed them next to each other photographed them because they are family now I think they liked each other it was nice to see my collection more varied not just with red figures included in it. I hope others will appreciate that and enjoy the fact I don’t just have red figures in my collection because I could be very predictable in my choices to always use red and as much as I love red its nice to try something new without red being involved.

I found it interesting seeing and hearing the thoughts of my peers when showing them my plaster figures the natural more realness it had they preferred compared to the resin ones which maybe are less natural in their form because they have been engrossed in resin which may look a bit fake and I could see that and agreed, even though I love my resin made figures and I loved using resin because of the glossy thick permanent appearance and of course that beautiful vibrant red I got with it.

So maybe I will use plaster again and after making one I wanted to use red with one but using spray paint and later on did I was curious to use spray paint because I think I may have used it once I can’t remember and it worked out well.

Also my wonderful friend Abbie brought some of her dollhouse furniture from home for me to use inside my dollhouse to make my figure even more characteristic. Below are to edited photos along with the other ones showing the plaster making process include some of the furniture like a sofa, table, cups and buck bed. They looked so cute because they looked so like a person would in a house chilling, but because they are figures pieces of art too it that’s what makes them super cute.

With them having chats together on the sofa, sharing a bunk bed so beautiful like any family of real people would do normal looking.