Now the 30.9.16

I know I have already talked loads about my red book with my other work in my last blog about what I exhibited and why but I just wanted this blog post to be just about my red book and why I exhibited it.

This maybe a load of repeated nonsense you have heard already in the last one but oh well I wanted to do it and if you don’t like it you don’t have to read this or even follow me.

Here is a beautifully taken photograph of my book taken by my mum on the evening of the private view Friday the 2nd of September of our exhibition called Allocated Orange below.

My Red Scrapbook opened up


I wanted to exhibit this after getting so involved making a cracking start inside it just from images leaflets I had picked up holiday photos notes too in my crazily written style because it shows what goes on in my exciting crazy mind which can be quite chaotic, but I wanted the viewing public to be able to experience this so they could understand me.

The way I exhibited it was stood up opened so they could hold it pick it up interact with it  which normally I am not that comfortable about especially with my figures I like to be very aware of where they are I control them.

The idea strangers might have held them at the exhibition because I had some in my dollhouse and on the window ledges would have made me feel worried because it’s there unknown and unfamiliar to me so the fact I was comfortable for people to pick up my book its weird but also its progress for me.

Hopefully some of the public got me a little bit because this book is personal to me with photos and notes which were just what I wanted to write put in at the time its honest and real which some people may not understand, but then others will who maybe know me really well.

I would never do anything fake I just can’t I have to be real and be honest that’s why I explained about me having Asperger’s syndrome recently to my new tutor Jo and a few of my fellow art students and that is something I find really uncomfortable and hard to talk about because it’s not something I just bring up in chats with my friends I just forget it in my daily life.

I was a bit disappointed I didn’t complete the book for the exhibition but then I would not have enjoyed the process filling it up because it would have been rushed because everyone  else had a completed piece of work I think, but oh well my book is still in development.

By having it incomplete it showed the viewers that sometime you just have to show what you have at the time even if it’s not finished and own it be proud of it and it shows progression because in life things aren’t always finished when you want them to be.

Yesterday was interesting were with Jo our new tutor showing and discussing our work we had done in the summer starting with the allocated orange exhibition so she could see our work and what it was all about and also to the newbies in our group and the others which weren’t part of the exhibition so we had presentation that Joe talked about and when it got to our work we would talk about it.

When my red book came up on the presentation I explained about it and Jo said just from the it being red and the title of the book featuring the word my she would be able to tell it had been made by me and its me all over.

She probably would not have needed to look in the book which is great because just from what I have told her and she has seen of my work she knows enough to identify my work in the short time we have spoken since being introduced to her.

But then even though she did say that I would like to think she would maybe still pick up my book and look at it because I have put a lot of myself into it which is personal would mean something if she did to me an appreciation. But it would be her choice you can’t force people to look closely at your work or even just look at it its down to them.