Now the 30.9.16

Here are to start of with two pics of my dollshouse lit up I wish they were bigger sorry.

This is an individual detailed blog post just about my dollshouse being exhibited unlike the one I did generally on the exhibition allocated orange which started on the 2.9.16.

On a Friday when we had a private view.

I hope you like it guys.

Thinking about my dollshouse after yesterday it has been one of my most successful pieces to date I have been able to make a home for my figures which was the original intention. I needed a place for them to be settled after making enough to build up a collection of them.

When it was exhibited it was lit up which gave it this beautiful look to it my figures came alive inside the lights shone through the windows it was really magical which is what I wanted from having the lights inside the house.

Having it lit up made it I feel enticing for people to see it and maybe crouch down and look closely at it which maybe at the time setting it up I didn’t think about or consider as much, but just from seeing a few people look at it photographing I think the lights made them intrigued to view it.

The colour stands out of course too so the red and the lights are a beautiful combination because they just make my dollshouse look even stronger and powerful with the scale too of it, I hope that made people more interested in it because it’s on a large-scale which I think always makes people more visually aware so they are can experience it and embrace it powerfully.

I was never going to want to create a small dollshouse it needed to be big for my figures to be able to stay in when they weren’t out and about. It just would not have felt right to have small one.

I hope to still use it now in my work if I can photographing at uni outside maybe with some of my figures inside and out create some set up stories since it’s at Colchester Institute might as well make the most of it being there in my studio because I don’t know how long I will have it there for.

I also want to take it to Colchester Firstsite photograph it like I did last year with some of my figures except this time their home will be joining them just since the house has never been there and the more it gets around the more exciting it is for the figures, so they have there home with them out and about and its exciting for me to photograph capture as another memory.

If we able to get another residency at Firstsite again.



Beautifully lit up my dolls house during the private view evening in the dark its so effective looking