From the 29.9.16

So at Firstsite last week I saw a advertisement poster at Firstsite about this In Conversation with Martin Parr the well known British photographer whose recently had his work and shown there for quite few months now. This got me quite intrigued and interested because when Martin Parr was there for the opening evening of his exhibition I was almost going to go.

But I didn’t and I could of gotten a selfie with him spoken to him about his work, mine and I was really annoyed at myself because I love his photos how he captures the normality and fun in British society the mundane its just so simplistic and beautifully portrayed.

So after thinking about it I decided to go see Martin Parr in Conversation in the evening  with my mum I decided that I would only regret it like the last time if I didn’t go.

I have to say I really enjoyed it he was quite humorous in his answers to the questions he was being asked and at the end  when some of the audience asked him questions, I really wanted to ask a question but I could not think of decent one, but oh well and as I had one written down I girl in the audience asked one about taking a selfie with him then that made me want to ask for selfie myself with him but I didn’t.

Below a photo of Martin Parr and  another guy who was asking him questions filtered up by Instagram.

In Conversation with Martin Parr

But luckily I still manged at the end to get one it was rushed and not the best one I took with him which annoyed me my face was in the way of the projected light it was almost going to be him in the light but he moved, but anyway I was pleased I got one with him I was worried because I hadn’t asked him beforehand but I was determined and I wanted it.

I was also really pleased because I had my red figures wit me so I was able to have one out to be in the selfie with me and Martin Parr and I asked him to hold it and he did even though he isn’t smiling, I managed to feature one of figures after my it missing out at the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London for my birthday on the Tuesday which I was forgot to do this I hope made up for it. I hope my figure enjoyed experience.

Here is the selfie filtered up from Instagram below.

A Selfie with Martin Parr and my red figure one of them.

I wrote down a lot of notes of what he said starting off about what he collects which I find interesting because I love collecting and keeping things I find or have already and find it so hard to throw away old art work. My work currently is a collection I have built up with my figures I have made from wax and resin.

He said he loves collecting his friends postcards, Margaret Thatcher Plates, Sudan Hussein watches Graffiti things. I guess each to there own with things people want to collect out them I think friends photos postcards of his sound like my cup of of tea something I would enjoy collecting because its lots of arty imagery which sounds exciting.

Something that he said that I found really insightful about him taking a lot of rubbish photos so you have to photograph a lot of bad photos to end up with finding some really good photos which applies in art anything you do I guess. You have to make a lot of bad art, but at the time you you may not think is bad to eventfully realize what is good later on when you make it. To progress.

I really liked it the fact he seems so passionate and proud about his love of photography and when asked what he likes to be called an artist /photographer he was like a photographer never an artist because some people maybe photographers, but don’t mind being called an artist too but not Martin Parr.

With my own work I am so passionate about like him I like to call myself an artist even though I am an art student still / figure sculptor maker I guess I don’t have one firm title yet its a mixture as I am still in education.

He was saying with social media how its changed photography he never knows when a good photo will come up on say Instagram or Facebook and bite him with him tagged in it or just in general and how more people are interested in photography now. He sees how consumed we are with the selfies and how its important to  a lot us that we update our social media sites and as long as we get a photo that’s more important than actually experiencing something in real life.

Personally I have become part of this consumed revolution social media obsessed which sometimes I think about it and think why do I feel the need to take so many photos and post so many on that particular day I’ve taken them its crazy.

My life should not be so consumed  by photos posting social media I say with art I want to see more art as an experience you do and undertake, not so much art that you just look at but what about my life in general with social media so in that sense I think I am contradicting myself.

Below are a few photos I took from Martin Parr after his in conversation talk awarding out prizes to the finalists of this photography competition Firstsite held.  Enjoy.