So here is some more art which caught my eye and I wanted to reflect on seeing by the artist sculptor Louise bourgeois who I had not heard of before seeing her work but I now since seeing her work will look more at her work research her.

Seeing her work it reminded me of when I saw Phyllida Barlow’s work exhibited at the Tate Modern in 2014 both of their work was installation sculptural based on a large-scale which impressed me so much with having the wow factor it was a full on experience to be around them.

I liked the fact there was real variety of suspended artwork displayed, placed in the center of the room and the side. Work on the wall also which was exciting to see and discover like a adventure.I feel with artwork that is displayed like this it creates excitement for the viewer and I feel that’s important when you go and see art at a gallery to feel a sense of excitement from the art to make the experience more special because it is just that I feel when I visit art galleries it is special.

One of my favourite pieces of work which I have featured below was the suspended legs and body sculptures hung up legs 2001, Couple 1996 I really liked them I don’t know why really because art which features bodies freaks me out a bit and I find it is uncomfortable to me because it can end up being a negative topic which people debate about and when you see art about it I just want to avoid it because personally I have issues on and off with my own body.

But to my surprise how theses were shown they looked so pretty and delicate hung up and I remember wanting to at them from lots of angles and capture them in photos. I think the fabric looked like it was inviting like it was soft so it made them appear comfortable to me so there no worry of me finding I uncomfortable.

I have been thinking about how you display work which connects to this exhibition  because they whoever put the work up got it right I thought and it does change people’s views on the art how it’s displayed specially if they had thoughts about it before seeing it in a gallery for the better or sometimes maybe what they saw was not what they had imagined and it was a disappointing discovery.

In general too as an art student how I display my work in my studio at uni for my benefit to be proud of and for my peers tutor visitors my figures I create I want them shown as characters  but also art and sometimes getting that balance is a bit hard depending how I show them displayed because what did how I made them most people would not think to do I bet and think you could and now their art and there amazing I think and so cute too.