So last Tuesday on the 27th September it was my 22nd birthday and to celebrate I went to check the new building at the Tate Modern which had lots of new art in it which I found really exciting as a lover of art and being an art student, it’s also important to visit galleries experience the artwork up close your more likely to appreciate it better than just seeing images on the computer or projector screen.

I personally find it easier to appreciate the art by seeing it up close for real and enjoy it always creates this excitement in me when I see some art that is right up my street and I instantly love it’s just amazing. It’s normally sculptural /installation art which grabs my attention something as well which you can take part in as an experience which feels like an exciting adventure and feels individually special.

I had a few favourites I saw which had the wow factor I thought.

Starting of with this installation illusion sculptural piece which when you look closely into you see different reflective versions of you which is super cool I think giving an intriguing feel it which makes you want to be around it more I felt.

Titled The Passing Winter made from Mirror and Glass by Yayoi Kusama.

Below are two photos of the piece.

Just from a far looking at it had a couple of holes in it mirrored a part from that it was a very plain that sense of I wonder if I look closely at them whats going to happen so how it was portrayed with trickery and very clever how the artist did this to play with people’s minds a  bit. This being exactly what I’m into in the sense its an experience your taking part in.

The large-scale of it too impressed me it giving it that wow factor. It filled the space it was in wonderfully I didn’t come away after seeing it disappointed which I think is a very positive thing to say because who wants to be left disappointed I know some art you may hate and some art you may love.

But it’s always great personally I feel I would rather come away with positive thoughts from an exhibition than with negative ones saying that contradicting myself I understand that sometimes by coming away disappointed you could have a better overall perspective view on that exhibition than if you were positive about it to begin with so I guess its swing’s and roundabouts.

This was another piece of art which became one of my favourites titled Pavilion Suspended in a Room 2005 made from steel by Cristina Iglesias.

This was again was a sculptural installation but suspended, I photographed here below with a few other pics of it and on with  me in too taking a selfie.

So this one you could experience in a different way by walking in it which was pretty cool to be able to do I was able to take a selfie in it as you do in this selfie obsessed era, but more importantly I felt more connected to the art work because the option had the artist had allowed the public to interact with it which then makes it less formal and separated from the public because of that relationship has been had.

It reminded me of Cornelia Parker work and some of her work is suspended she creates sculptural installation’s which I love two in particular called Cold Dark Matter and Thirty Pieces of Silver unfortunately I haven’t seen theses up close exhibited but of course I would love too just to experience them.

Just from images of them they give a wow factor like this piece like you instantly want to gravitate towards it and illusion almost like you can’t tell a bit if it is suspended. Specially with Pavilion Suspended in a Room the material of it came across really strongly like it stood out from far the patterns in the steel and gaps made it quite a attractively pleasing when your inside looking around at it and above you can see it in more detail.