I found it informative to have be able to talk to Jo our tutor in a little group with the third years who were there at the time for the induction days group activities to discuss out work briefly explaining what our concepts and if we had any work to show at that time we could show her like any summer work and it was easier being a small group we got round all of us there was only five of us.

But at one point I was thinking will there be time for me to show my summer sketchbook and there was and for me to explain my figures I have made the ideas, how I came to make them, my initial idea was based on taking a chance one day because curiosity took the better of me which is now a story I tell and a memory of how my figures came about using an ink cartridge which my printer ink came in.

Then I talked about my love for red and how I use it lot in my work it represents happiness and excitement for me and with my figures most off them are red because of this and how they are my friends and I like to take them out on trips photograph them.

I was really proud of myself talking about my work because I mentioned something which is really personal to me and I rarely talk about with my peers friends. I explained about the fact that I have Asperger’s Syndrome a form of autism which I said is why I do and prefer things done in a certain way with my work, why I have this obsession with red and want to be surrounded by the familiar not the unknown because I hate change. I got the impression that my peers were really understanding.

I was saying maybe I should push it further into my work or not maybe I am still not sure I think the fact I did talk about again since speaking to Jane about earlier this year is great and now I will leave it there,but Jo said you can choose to do that.

But I said I just live my life and it not something I choose to talk about.  Jo was interested in my ideas which was great and I said something I had not said before I don’t think which was this do with my figures I help them and they help me and after Jo was like you should write that down and she was like do you have any paper I said no. But I had my summer sketchbook so she wrote in the back this which was important then I could look back at the to reflect on.

I later than teared that page out and I just keep it tucked into my new note-book to look at when I want.

Here it is below.

What I said to Jo and my other third year peers /friends about me and my  figures.

What I meant by that is when I am unsure about going somewhere which is new I take them along to help me feel more confident and I take them along for them to enjoy a day out and for them to experience a new place too. It’s normally though just one of the red resin ones because its easier to have one in my bag than four of the sets together.