So not last week the week before starting on the Monday and we continued on the Tuesday of the 19th September induction week we all met up third years new third year students the now second years and first years with tutors Clare Jo and Neil to introduce ourselves and do a few group activities.

It was long busy two days and the big thing I took way from it was the activity and process of making theses two giant paper ball structures in two groups all the materials had to be rolled into it to be part of this ball.  The group I was part off we were really lucky I thought because Joe my friend on the third year same as me but I am part-time and Susie a second year took on the rolls as the leaders and lot of the photos I have of the process feature them in.

We were told to document if we could on our phones or iPad so I just took loads on my phone I did think though I didn’t  participate as much I could have maybe not as much Joe and Susie, but oh well that’s something to learn from in the future. I was doing a lot of watching than getting involved.

Below are three pics of the process .

But surprisingly I enjoyed the process of all helping each other out and normally I do find group work hard because your having to work together in a team and make decisions  which may not suit just you so your compromising which normally hate I just like to do my own thing work on my own. Also I think because I have Asperger’s it makes it even harder sometimes to socialize in groups, but I feel like I am so much better than when I was younger I love the third year group now I feel I have formed such a close bond with them since the first year I will miss them a lot when they finish next year and graduate before me.

But I think because the activity was quite exciting I found it enjoyable but also afterwards we were all quite tired and exhausted because it was physical hands on activity. After making them we had to swap balls and continue with the other groups then take it part.

The scale and materials used to make the two ball structures reminded of the sculptor artists work of Phyllida Barlow who I admire and love how she just makes what she wants regardless of what people say there is free-flowing freedom that I think is portrayed in her massive scale installation sculptures made with not immaculate looking made materials there pre already used. So they have had life and a story to tell and she creates another one with them and this is what we did with the paper ball structures using paper and cardboard string which most of it had a story and been used already in another life so I think Phyllida Barlow would have been impressed.

To compare her work with the paper ball structure the group I was in made here are two works of hers and in the middle is the paper ball structure.  The crushed tower has been made from used paper cardboard like the paper ball. The scale too is similar but her’s is way bigger. Enjoy.