Courgette Drawing / Paintings

Firstly I had started drawing  with a black fine liner pen then painting inside and around the drawn out shape them theses courgettes my dad had grown in his allotment which have become a little series now after doing three.

After I had seen originally just two of them in the my kitchen on the mantle piece and caught my eye how the light from the sunshine outside was on them they looked so pretty which made them more enticing to me to draw and paint.

Since I don’t paint a lot it’s not what I do mainly at uni I make 3D figures I thought, also it would be exciting to paint them at home and the idea of getting my paints inks out brushes everything set up in my kitchen its fun and enjoyable the process from start to finish.

Starting with the first one titled Dads Courgettes Ink, Paint and Pen Acrylic and Watercolor used from the 12.9.16 .

This one was a challenge for me used to working on A3 paper or bigger not having that space to go big like I am used too I was restricted to work small which isn’t that good if you want the freedom of working big.

But in fact it worked out well because my painting came out so lovely, I took my time on the details of the tones of the courgettes mixing blending because I wanted it to look really good so I could feel proud of myself and so others would think its great too.

I think it looks so cute because I have drawn the two courgettes on the window ledge with the sink, tap and washing up liquid so I have added more detail not just drawn the main subjects which are the courgettes because I wanted to show more of that space just because it was a small-scale drawing anyway so it felt right to make it as detailed as possible to make the best of it on a small pad of paper.

Using more than one medium paint, ink and pen is great because for me because it means my work is layered and diverse with a lot of range and depth to it it’s not just been created from one medium which I find in my 2D work quite boring because it then feels to me like I am restricting myself and I hate that because I want to be open with myself and be varied in what I chose to use to make it more exciting.

Second One titled Take 2 Dads Courgettes X3 13.9.16 Painting Drawing.

Again this one was on the same size of paper as the first one A5 ish maybe slightly bigger paper so again was challenge to fill that small space make the most of it, but it wasn’t like I hated it because I enjoyed it was relaxing for me and exciting to get on and be creative.

This time though there were three courgettes to have a go at not two which a lot more fun for me because I could layer more than one courgette with paint detail, yellow ink which is quite satisfying filling in the colour of your outline base I enjoy it.

I tried to highlight shading with a textured appearance which I love to create because texture to me is quite stimulating and engaging it’s adding a slight sculptural look to it too which I am all for being 3D based. I hope others enjoy my layered textured drawing paintings.

I love how this time my background was a pink /purple toned tea towel which was fun to paint I tried to get it to look like the actual tea towel, but it didn’t but it would not have been original then just a copy I guess and I do want my work to be somewhat authentic so people can see that it’s by me and my style is unique like everyone’s work is never the same.

Overall I love the background it makes the courgettes stand out more it stands out its self too because of the bright colours it’s so attractively beautiful as piece of art.

A lot of  people online on Instagram specially when I posted it like the first one it got a lot of likes. I think my friends had only seen me do my messy drawings and they liked seeing theses more detailed ones from me which is great that they have noticed a change some of them were there when I did few of theses types of drawings too.

Now onto the third one Titled Dads Yellow Courgettes Take 3 15.9.16 Ink paint and pen.

This one was the biggest painting /drawing I did out of the three because I worked on A2 paper because I had it available to me and I wanted to extend the courgettes.

But I don’t think I made them as big as I could have on A2 paper I was bit annoyed with myself at the end so the next courgette drawing painting will do it even better with no doubts after with a positive mind-set about it.

I don’t know but I made some mistakes also with the colours of the kitchen table using crayon and paint ink should have just kept with paint for the kitchen table chair to many mediums mixed up in this case after releasing the paint was the best midway way through annoyingly I had already I had used the crayon.

I was able to get the correct tone of browns with paint and it looked a lot smoother less sketchy compared to the crayons I was adding to the paint in a scribal which made my piece of work really messy which I didn’t like.

But this time I made the courgettes less gold orange toned more yellow looking which I don’t think I properly realized at the time because I was just in the creative zone but when I see it now I can see the difference which is cool makes this third one stand out more making it a bit more separate to the other two.  I think I was mixing my colours more intensely and used more paint on top of the ink than the last two.

Overall I am pleased I have created theses there not normally the kind of drawing I do its normally quite messy and loose.