Drawings I did at St Martins Church Colchester during our Allocated Orange art exhibition.

So here are a few drawings I did when I was at the church all day Monday the 5th of September so when people visited they could be greeted with me and my other friends there Joe, Amy, Abbie and Sharni and we could hand them a handout and talk them if they wanted to talk to us about our work.

I was really pleased I was able to be so creative drawing a lot I think being around my fellow art friend Abbie who is always drawing like illustrator style of way that’s her thing its inspiring because she takes her time and there always so colourful with some humour in them in the little quotes she added with the drawings.

So after being around her and thinking about my style of drawing when I do draw its messy and loose, I decided to take my time more on my drawings change the way I draw make them slightly more realistic to what there meant to be. And being in a church all day more a less from morning to late afternoon I didn’t really have anything else I could well I had thought about doing some reading for my dissertation but decided drawing was more fun less strenuous .

I mixed about with inks sharpie pens pencil just to create some really colourful drawings which were layered and fun because I want variety I don’t just want to use one material because I could get defined by that one material and I don’t want that to happen I want to be open to all creative mediums.

Theses drawings are of what I saw in the church what was around me like cups bottles pens the church windows balloons.

My favourite drawing out of this lot is the titled red cup and straws in pens red and black. I did use other colours but then the title would have been even longer. Its bold and colourful  it just stands out so well.

I really took my time drawing the straws by tying to draw singular lines for them because normally I draw multiple lines which makes the drawings layered. My friends noticed after I had finished this particular drawing the difference from this drawing to my previous  ones and said they preferred this new style which is really nice that they noticed sometimes I seem to think people around me close to me don’t notice theses changes in how I work or dress even but they do and its a lovely thing and they are positive.

It’s because we go about busy with our lives and then when it a happens it’s a slight surprise to me.

Making sure the colours I used were the colours of the actual of the straws in front of me at the time because sometimes I may use colours which aren’t featured in the object so theere non representational, but I just draw what I see and my interpretation from my view-point.

Below are my drawings and showing again my red cup and straws drawing with the photo of the red cup and straws I drew against each other.