#allocatedorange Exhibition

From the 2.9.16. To the 6.9.16 12PM

So we all decided this summer as a group about having a little exhibition just to help spread the word about our work us as soon to be third year degree students. Joe my fellow uni degree friend was in charge of most of the planning getting the venue sorted for us which was the same venue as Tom and Arlene’s exhibition St Martins Church in Colchester, they had earlier in the year which inspired us well it did me because we all thought it was such a lovely venue.

We kept with the name allocated orange which we titled our artists residency back in November last year at Colchester First site because it was familiar to us it worked then and was a success so was easier to use for this one.

Seeing Toms gummy bears with lights around them lit up on this stairs rack he made himself they looked so beautiful they were definitely my favourite part of the exhibition it looked so neat and the gummy bears did inspire me for my own figures I have made. Its got the vintage old style in it but then we put our work it in which is modern that brings out the newness in the church which incorporates a god mix of old and new.

Our Private view kicked off our exhibition last Friday we started setting up for it in the morning deciding where are work would be placed once we had all got the work and  plinths lights etc. all in the church.

Information on our work scanned below

I chose to exhibit my Red Book journal because It’s been my summer personal project of mine since getting it in June when I visited Rome in Italy and it felt right to buy it because of the title which was My Red Book in a boldly font style it instantly made me want to buy it because I love a bold font something that grabs my attention, captions my imagination and it certainly did that. I also loved the fact it was red of course because I have a passionate obsession for red it’s just beautiful in my eyes.

Whenever I use red in my work it makes me feel very happy and I feel you should do what makes you happy in life and for me using red makes me very excited. Something I also felt from this book is that getting it, I would feel quite special because no one else would have a book like it and its original and unique and that’s important to me in my work that I make it my own work as much as I can create that appearance.

Even if I am experimenting with techniques that have been done already before which is hard to then make it so it communicates your own personal message so people know it my work.  Using red I think has helped that involve.  

It’s a book but to me it’s a scrapbook of imagery drawings photocopies leaflets stuff I collect basically I called it a journal in my statement about for the exhibition to make it sound more professional, but I like the term scrapbook its more original and less formal which i like feels more comfortable relaxed to say it’s a scrapbook.   

By exhibiting this people were able to get an insight into my mind which is very intense and full on but I like to think it’s exciting too. So the people who looked at my scrapbook I hope they found it exactly that even though it was hard to read I do get that with my crazy style of writing like its diary, but what can I say that this is me all over when I am writing in my own time not for module work purposes. 

I decided as well to display a few of my figures around the church on the window sills to catch the eye of the public a chance for them to be seen out away from my dolls house for them to be free which they have been a lot recently anyway. But I just want to keep pushing them further away from their home because this how they will then be stronger as little figures who won’t be as afraid and nervous because in turn by doing that it helps me as well get better with dealing with new situations which I find hard.  

My figures below photographed three featured here.

I thought if I just had my red book I would regret it because it was big opportunity for me to display as much work as I could within reason so I was like why not and it worked out really well having more than one piece of work exhibited.

My red scrapbook below photographed

I exhibited my red dolls house because it hadn’t been shown that much since was made a part from in my studio space at Colchester Institute so only my friends on the course and tutors would have seen it. 

It was a late decision to put my doll house in I didn’t intend to put in an originally. It was the week of the Friday we had to set up and I thought about how it would be exciting if I added my Dolls house into the mix because It’s again a new space for it to be shown at the church and it would get a new audience which would be interesting for me to see if they would like it or appreciate it or just see it and walk away I don’t know.

Then I mentioned it on this Facebook group chat we have as university friends and my friends seemed positive about it which made me more determined to exhibit.  

I think the private view evening more people were attracted to it because it was lit up with lights and it being closed being able to see the windows shining with red light gave it a magical, beautiful appearance which gave it more definition as an art piece and a home for my figures.

Especially when it was moved after the private view to the middle up the little stairs in the centre I felt so happy to see it there because it is to me a real wow factor of a piece and not having it originally in the middle on the night of the private view was a bit of a shame I preferred it in the middle the day after and lucky me it was kept there until I had to take it back home.

Some photos below of my doll’s House displayed at the private view and setting it up.