So below I have a photo of my red book and a red pen I bought too which I bought at a gift shop I went too after looking around an art exhibition at the art gallery called Galleria  Nazionale d’Arte Antica featuring Andy Warhol’s work in  Rome Italy back in June this month. When I saw them both the book first it looked so very like what I would love being that it was red which I adore with a passion its my favourite colour to use in my artwork it always makes me feel happy.

Also it had a bold title on the front cover and it mentioned My in the title I instantly wanted to get it. Since I love a bold style of font words and writing that is strong and defined looking so it stands out and this did because it was in white too against the red.

I felt and still do feel special having it its a one-off original book  and inside its like a story layout the pages are numbers theirs an introduction page title who it’s by which I found so  cute and exciting. It gave me an idea to write a story of the adventures of my red figures out and about starting in Rome because it’s where I was at the time so I thought it would be ideal and I had already got photos of my figure in Rome next to some famous sites.