This year in June I went to Rome in Italy for four days for the first time. I without think too much about it brought along one of my red-figure men I just thought well why not? Because it would be great to show documentation of my figure in a completely new environment which is something I can look back on and see in the photos and be pleased I did go outside my comfort zone. This has built me up more strength courage to not be as worried in the future well since this trip in fact this month St. Ives in Cornwall and  brought one of my  red figures along so the determination in me to just take them wherever I love now and I feel proud to show them off their my little babies sort of you know!  I think the figure I brought along with me to Rome enjoyed his trip so much to see and the weather was so hot so it cold shine and look beautiful in the sun .

Placing my figures next to theses famous hot spots buildings was exciting because it could have been a one time only thing to see theses places with my figure. So the fact I have captured theses moments is important because I could have not taken my figure to Rome but for me I felt I needed to for me and them to see as many new places together. If I had chosen not to bring my figure I think I would have regretted it and been annoyed at myself because in Rome there are lots of sights to see and I would have wanted my figure there to see them too.

I have documented them by taking photos which I see as like story of their adventures which I find important to do because I can look back on them in a few years and remember the moment and memories its like with my family and friends photos I have taken in the past I look back on now and enjoy and love. I find it really special to keep the memories alive and still there in my life to relive.

When I talk about my figures I call them as if they are little men so I say he or his I don’t know why I have decided that and even thought about having them as just figures or maybe girl characters I just originally thought about them as little men so its been like that ever since I thought about them in that way. Maybe the next lot of figures I make I might not call them men they may just be figures, but saying all this contracting myself a bit I do just call them a mix of names like red-figure men so it depends on how I feel.

I have some photos below featuring my red-figure me the Colosseum. Hope you enjoy them.