So with my dissertation I know I want it to be about consumerism how one thing for example a toy or sculpture or anything not just 3D, but in my case it is can be produced then produced again multiple times to then become a collection which can build into a business. This I hope will be the future for me with my red figure men which I have made multiples of and have a good decent collection off but I do what to make more and increase the size a similar size maybe to Rachel Whitereads resin like statue blocks I want them to be made in a completely new material too which I haven’t used before.

Theses making ideas I think I want to be able to achieve next year in my third year in the workshops because that’s where I love to be being creative doing the making I feel it’s such a great atmosphere too in the workshops the technicians are so helpful. I just get a real positive vibe from being in them everyone’s so productive and busy.

Also RW (its for short) will for sure be in my dissertation and will be a big a part of it she was a no brainer choice for me I have loved her work for quite sometime now because I feel our work does relate to each other. I do want to carry on using red because it’s just in my DNA it’s wired in my brain for me to always use and I am obsessed with the colour I think if I just stopped using it, it would be weird and maybe for others around me like my friends who know me who are used to me using it but I think they also may want to see me try using other colours more too.

Getting back to taking about my dissertation I have got a few books to look at on artists including Rachel Whiteread who I have looked at so much Antony Gormely and Allan McCollum which was recommended to me to look at by my Friend Tim after telling him about my research ideas I need to do for my dissertation.