Quick Animations I have done.

So I have been recently experimenting with this app on my Ipad called IMovie so I can see my figures move which ultimately shows there character off so much better there not still like if they were in a photographed  which has been really fun to use its simplistic and quick to use, but I have realized I had rushed them so the quality of them wasn’t very professional blurry in parts showing my hands too.

After speaking to Jane showing her my one of the dollhouse in  the studio of my figures floors she have me some advice to book out a camera here at Colchester Institute because what I was using was my Ipad which wasn’t even that secure to my tripod and the cameras here are much better quality.

I love doing the animations and I am so happy I have explored it a bit and its for sure what I want to do more of in the third year showing more personality in my figures is so fun.

Below are three still snapshots from one of my animations done at home of my Red Figure.