Here are selection of photos of one of my red figures made from Resin out and about in Camden in London and other parts of London last week.

Theses photos are communicating a story of where my figure is has been going which has been adventure theses are new places in London my red figure has explored through the help of me the creator. It has become stronger and more confident by going to new places in London and so I have I. The more times we both visit new places the easier it is to be in them get used to them so we feel comfortable and not uncomfortable.

Some of them show my figure with other things which are red which was a choice I wanted to make happen because it is showing the British connection theme with Red and I strongly want to capture that. Its important for my figures to see other red objects like the post box,British flags to stimulate there mind and broaden there horizons.

I also have a selection of photos with them in cafes and outside which don’t include red. Just to show a varied range of photos which are not predicable with lots of red and are interesting for the viewer.