Sketches Jenny Saville

So I had already seen theses Jenny Saville Drawings before last Tuesday when I had gone with my mum previously, so I decided instead of taking photos of them again this time I would sketch them, to be honest I wasn’t really excited and interested in her work because its of bodies her own and nudity which puts me off a bit when I lo0k at them I find it bit gross.

But what does attract me to her drawings is the way she draws them hers loose style its quite abstract messy which instantly I feel a connection too because theses elements are what make up my own style of drawing sketching.

I drew them using biro pen blue coloured which has been a constant drawing material for me for a quite some time now I just find it faster and quicker to use than pencil its a bit less messy you don’t have to sharpen it regularly. I feel I can create light marks and intensely hard marks which I do mostly.

I always date my work and name it too its just something I do I would find it hard not to its a a organized routinely based habit.

Here my sketches below.