Grayson Perry House Visit

Back in April on a beautiful sunny day I went to Grayson Perry’s House with my mum which is in Essex, which was amazing such a great experience to be able to visit his house which was vibrantly colourful felt lucky to have seen it. I loved the red front door of course it was so beautiful against the patterned outside interior and in the sunshine it stood out amazingly.

The house reminded me of the house from the fairytale story in Hansel and Gretel except in the story its made from food because of how magnificent it was like no other ordinary house it was special shame we coiled not go inside. I wonder how it would of looked the interior.

Going here was also a great chance for me to photograph my figures so I brought one along with me one of the Red Resin made ones  from earlier on in my process making them last year.

Having my Figure against the house was incredible I loved the red on red and patterns all combined next to each other from a distance everything just looked magical it made it even better to take photos with the sun shining.

I felt pleased I had shown my figure this new place and shown it the wood river beyond the house further down past it  because theses places were new and that what theses photograph’s there’re meant to help me show by breaking down these walls I can build my self confidence within my figures too because new places do worry me and make me, feel nervous which makes it harder for me to then want to photograph my figures there because I am feeling like this.

Some photos below and one featuring me taking a photo of Grayson Perry’s House.