Figure Men photographed professionally. 

Here are Five selected photos I took in the one of the photography studios last month to improve on my portfolio of work to hand in and the quality of my work needed to shown better in a more professional way. Theses ended up being my selected five photos from the afternoon in this competition Jane our Tutor talked to us about which seemed really good.

Theses photos are communicating a story and narrative of my figure men the relationships they have with each other which is fun and playful. Having a narrative story for them to live a life of exploration adventure to help me imagine their characters where there going to go next with structure but as it’s always the case with my work some chaos too.

I wanted to show my figures together chatting in a circle like we would humans would,one on its own to show it as art piece and its powerful enough to just shine without the others and my dollhouse I wanted to show some selected inside because it’s there home with the lights on lit up and on its own closed as strong piece of art in its self and a home owning it.

I was pleased I achieved want I wanted to achieve I took so many using a great camera tripod the hep of Chris Matthews who works in the photography block and knows a lot in photography. Such a professional set up which was amazing.

I chose a selection of my figures because my collection is massive I didn’t just want to pick out the red ones because that would have been too predictable and I have used only my red figures so often. So I decided I wanted some wax multi coloured crayon ones and red resin ones as balance and contrast.