Grayson Perry Article talking about his sketchbooks from the Guardian Newspaper.

What I got from looking at this article reading it was how much passion Grayson Perry has for sketchbooks and how much he still loves to use one himself wherever he is to draw on or even a piece just a piece of paper. He says he still looks and had his old art school  sketchbooks.

He is right I think because you never know when you may want to sketch a little drawing.

He advises never to throw any of them away in case they becaome useful in the future maybe. This made me think about how I love my sketchbooks because there right now currently how they look for my main module with all my collages in is amazing sop red with adventure I hope people get a sense of me when they look at them.

I loved how colourful his pots are featured in the newspaper and other drawings. Just so much life in them.