So yesterday I went to London and saw some great amazing art.

My tutor Neil works at Anthony Caro’s studio the famous sculptor in Camden and we were as a group so lucky to be able to visit it, get a tour around we met Anthony Caro’s son Paul Caro. One of the things  I loved most about visiting it was the fact it was tucked away in Camden down a road sort of separate a way from the market of Camden and its in Camden which is such a arty musical creative space with so much variety going on how exciting. I loved seeing all the rooms  so there was one room for painters, a proper workshop space and there was sculptures outside too.

The amount of space was incredible as a second year degree student this was so inspiring because I hope when I leave I am able to get a little space of my own outside my house to create in the fact it will be my own because  I am at the moment just working mainly at uni or at home.

To get space is a luxury I have realized and even the space I have currently I am lucky to have because some people don’t have anywhere to create.

Being a 3D based art student to see a lot of sculpture was amazing because it really inspires me to want to create in the future more of my 3D sculptures my little figure men which I want to make bigger in scale and I want to make them in a completely new material to resin and wax.

Even though theses sculptures were metal steal based I think and they looked quite mechanical which are so different to mine are small compact and not as big there both 3D and the connection I have to theses sculptures is there I was able to get quite interested in them and excited to see something right at you and its something you could touch not flat is amazing I think it’s actually there it blows me away.

But saying that the colourful abstract work in the sketchbooks of Paul Caro was in inspiring too even though it was 2D because he is working lot with colours and it sounded from his talk to us yesterday quite theoretical.

Below are a selection of pics from visiting the workshop/studio.

Hope everyone loves the photos.

I brought one of my Red Resin men Figures to Camden with me to photograph because I thought it would be an exciting to capture them in a new part of london like Camden and on the way there I always want to show them new places and for them to experience is an adventure. I only brought one because its easier to fit in my bag beacuse they are quite heavy.

I felt so lucky to be allowed to place my figures inside the workshop and studio rooms against theses amazing sculptures which Anthony Caro had made.

I would like to think my figure man liked being around theses big sculptures and thought of them as a friend maybe because they only have each other they don’t have friends wich are different to them, so it could be a confidence boost that they have got new friends for them and myself the creator of them. Which is very special I would hate to have made not a collection beacuse now they have formed a special bond like a family.

Each time I step outside of my comfort zone they do they help me too because sometimes I feel like they can portray me and I don’t need to be in the spotlight they build up my confidence so much. I can only imagine what an animation would have beeen like in the studios and workshop if I had made one the movement around the bigger sculptures would have looked magical to watch of my red-figure man probably of it dancing around parts of the workshop so pretty.

Seeing the character come to life is everything to me and this why animation is the best thing for that for me at this stage in my work.

Overall a great inspiring trip loved it.