Japanese Art by Yayoi Kusama at the Victoria Miro.  

When I was in London last Tuesday I saw lots of other art not just the Anthony Caro Sculptures in his studio where he used to work in Camden which was great because it a variety of art which we some of us liked and maybe didn’t like, but at least we were shown enough to be able to think bout what we had seen for us to appreciate and critique, and it was all stimulating to our minds to give us ideas inspirations for our own art  and what we want to create.

Seeing this Japanese pop art was great I loved the use colour, pattern and scale everything about the pieces of work looked exciting to me I was fully stimulated. The colours were so expressively shown and the detail in the pieces showing patterns which looked quite aboriginal lots of dots featured.

This pop art was different to the traditional pop art I am used too seeing the which is very comes across very heavily mechanical repetitive you could see in an advert which I like that repeated element, but at the same time I can see how this pop art wasn’t as heavily mechanical it was lighter and more gentle when its presence to look at. I was able to get a fresh new perspective from it, but at the same time it was similar to the usual pop art the colours were repeated and the patterns were used multiple times.

This artist is communicating her lifelong self relationship to the infinite cosmos has given rise to a highly influential career in which she has continuously innovated and re invented her style.

My favourites pieces of work by her featured red obvious choice but they were so beautiful so vibrant because of the use of colours of oranges,reds like the colours you would see in rain forest. They hit me with stimulation and were expressively intense.

Here are few examples below :