Below are two sets of photos of my work my red dollshouse with my figures inside taken on a Olympus a film camera.

My intention was to experiment more with this camera after using it originally in my support photography module for the first time.I really liked the style how compact it was the button when you press to take a photo, Its like this clicker you wide down and it makes a noise which I loved so you know you have taken the photo.

Which made me feel happy and certain that I had actually taken the photo.

The idea you can’t see them until there developed because I have used digital camera for so long and with digital you can easily see what you have taken after and edit it, it would be a good test for to use film again, because you have to hold a Olympus really still and make sure you focus it really well.

Which I found hard to do I don’t think I was that good using it but it was my second time using a Olympus camera so the photos I took weren’t going to be amazing.

There communicating experimentation a sense of wonder and intrigue I wanted to see my work in another form in photography because so much of what I have done is in 3D that this is why seeing them in photos is so important because it’s capturing a still shot a moment from maybe in my studio taken or out and about which shows my figures enjoying themselves in that time.

I also wanted to show a nostalgic vibe like the style of Martin Parr’s photography there so tinted brightly shone full of life and that time when he took them, so using a film camera I thought would portray this but the coloured ones turned out to be too faded, blurred and I think something went wrong with the developing of them.

But the black and white ones I did my self and I much prefer them they show theses grey faded tones which are quite pretty showing some mystery. So in some you have to look harder at them. I think being able to develop your own photos is great because you can decide on how you want it to look like and i think I will do more of it in the darkroom using black and white.

Whereas when you take it to the shop the film to get developed you may end up with some that are rubbish.

I have got black and white developed photos I did in the darkroom and ones in colour I got done at a shop and having the two lots next too each other is great and makes it easier for me to then reflect and critique them which ones were better how I can improve them and so on.

Seeing my work in black and white specially isn’t something that happens a lot so seeing the photos I took in black and white is great because black and white shows the real form of your work in a real gritty way I feel. It shows the image naked in away you see so much more truth as much as I love colour doesn’t show this personally there is more vulnerability with black and white.

I hope people see that within my B&W photos of my figures they are characters with vulnerability and apart of me which may be not always positive and amazing.

Using black and white it’s a bit of change which isn’t something find easy to do but I am making more and more changes to my work with new experimentation. Which I hope has made it more easier for people to understand my work the people closest family friends  me who may not still understand.

The base of my work is about stories moments in time a narrative using my figures which were created on a particular day and time.

I definitely would want to again in the future get some more coloured film and use it in a film camera maybe not a Olympus even though I enjoyed using it was tricky to hold still and get focused so maybe another one, but I would still have to make sure I use it right. Going to another shop to get the film developed would be definite must because maybe the photos would be better not as blurred which I would hope for.