Blogging 16.5.16

So right now with my blogging it’s not happening as quickly as I would like it be happening.  I have been so focused on my practical work I just haven’t updated my blog with that evidence of practical work. I have forgotten.

I planned to blog a big load of my work I scanned from my sketchbook and small concertina book I was working in before the Easter holidays already to blog about. But it didn’t happen.

The main reason I have a blog is that it’s easier for me to type up about my work.

To also have it on there with imagery and as a second year it boots my artist profile in a professional way. Blogging should be a regular thing you do with regular updates.

I know what I need to do now stop thinking about what I haven’t done and think and concentrate on what I can do in the present because there are a lot of things to do now.

prioritize is very important at this stage with my two modules due in early next month.

When I am in the third year I know this style of working will have to be changed and my work ethic will be have to be lifted up another level.

So I am on top of everything especially since it’s my last year I want it to be the best with no regrets.