Daisy Dance an animation I worked on of my red resin figure men in my garden just before the Easter holidays started. Now the 24.4.16. Now the 5.5.16 

Leading up to the final week before the Easter holidays started I was excited and became impatient in myself to experiment have one for the upcoming exhibition too possibly because at the time I was unsure if I would get one which was good enough to show.Luckily I was able to take a load of photos of my red figures in my garden on Good Friday it was lovely sunny day which worked out perfectly for me. I only brought home my red resin figure men just because there my guinea pig testers and they have done a lot already and the red against the green grass in my garden is a beautiful contrast. 

I feel very confident in them and to be honest there my favourite because there such a strong coloured of red and there red in general.

Bless them they are a bit battered now, but it shows there story of the adventures they have been on and explored and I hope the other ones get more chance too I need to take that step and value them more and not be so obsessed with theses red resin made ones.

My dad helped me take the photos in a series showing my red figures moving coming into my garden he was the one that moved them while I was the photographer taker camera clicker using his camera with my tripod. I wanted them to be coming up the steps entering my garden and to wonder explore.

The process taking the photos is long and I was really pleased to have my dad help me it’s not a quick process.I am really pleased there was little patch of daisies I could incorporate into my animation them ending up dancing around it.Which is why I named the title for my animation daisy dance. Using my garden as the location for my animation was a safe choice for me sticking with in my comfort zone which I am wanting to progress out of, but because it was my first animation I wanted it in a safe secure environment I felt comfortable in.I think for the next one I do I will venture out into the world which is my comfort zone to create more adventurous and to push the boundaries of where I can experiment within myself. 

Using movie maker it was good but if you’re one of those people who just what things done quickly like me then it’s a bit tricky to use, I think I have learnt you have to be patient and not rush into clicking things you may not know what that button is for and take your time. I am so impatient and like things done my own way.

I decided I wanted music in the background of my animation after looking back at it felt to me the figures needed some music to dance around the daisies properly instead of being a silent movie.Originally I wanted a jazzy fun song like let’s Dance by David Bowie because its upbeat and such a full of life kind of song you can dance too, so taking that into account I tested it out put that into the animation it was jazzy fun it helped my figures bounce of and show there fun side.But at the same time I thought I want a song without any words which is just instruments so some jazz music playing so my dad helped me select a great jazz song called Night in Tunisia by Dexter Gordon.

I tried this song out in the animation and it was just the I wanted showing life and fun to my figure men the music didn’t over shadow or wasn’t under the radar to a bad extent. I was worried if I had gone with Bowie it may have over shadowed my figures because it has words in the song as much as it’s a great song.In the end it worked out so well that just with a little bit of editing my dad added a high definition on the quality because some were a bit blurry which I wanted to sort out because I wanted it to look better so it didn’t look as loose and untidy.

Talking about this for my Final piece for our second year Exhibition project called Collateral: 

Some of photos included in it were also taken away this animation became my piece to show which was great showing my progression from maker photographer to animator learning in practice.I knew I didn’t want to show my figures just on a plinth again still which I had done before I wanted something new fresh and different. I did think about showing my Dolls house, but it’s on a big scale and getting it to and from the Minories could have been tricky unless I had given notice to one of the technicians to take it up in a van. Not to mention the limited space we had to fill the room we got in the Minories next to the shop it’s small but to be honest it wasn’t that bad and the room got filled and it does look great.