Reflection from today inside my sketchbook and concertina book  29.2.16

I wanted to continue the layers and collages I had already photocopied using the photos of me in Brighton and the map my figure men and seeing the contrasting effects happen against them.

The real identity of me and the traced imagery of me.

I love creating collages again and am happy to be doing it differently this time to when I did in the past because I am using imagery of my figures identity myself surprised I have used photos of myself, but now there is a more visible connection with me and figures because of this I feel and will help the viewing audience connect and link us two together because they are a part of me. I have numbered some of my collages as a series because there all connected by the same photocopied images.

Putting my identity into my work with imagery of my face was a big step for me because it’s actually showing who the artist instead of just all this red which my friends on the course know me for using and its ingrained in me now. I think to my amazement I love seeing my actual self in my work because I can use it in any way I want so I don’t have shown all of me I can hide my face with the red work or the opposite if I am feeling super brave its something to also bring to my experimental process of this collage work I’m doing so it’s not just the red-figure imagery all the time.

I think I was a bit nervous to show myself because I had never thought about using imagery of myself in my work I have always just focused on the work and me doing it not visually actually in it as such just my style my likes and my excitement.

I did have the idea to create my own map using some of the theses types of images as the background mono printed on I thought because with a mono print or screen print you’re getting a more detailed lined print but then with a screen print its bigger bolder looking so I could pin point where I have taken my figures to be photographed and record it. them but this didn’t happen I kind just didn’t bother it would take up some time and just ended up carrying on making more collages instead.

scan four of concerntina book 29.2.16
Map of Brighton Photocopied with myself traced drawn over the page on the other side. With a traced drawing of me layered up with map shapes on top.