Reflection from speaking to Neil Ayling new tutor on 1.3.16

So on this last week on Tuesday we got introduced to our new tutor he chatted to us and then later we all had individual tutorials.Mine was good I explained what my work I had been doing was about my theme red coloured figure mould making which is sculpture 3D based.I showed him my dollhouse he liked it and saw my figures I had made he picked up on the fact that it smelt really nice like most other people have because I have used fruity smelling candles.I liked that he said he works in sculpture himself because I do would be interesting to see some of his work like we have seen Janes work at the FirstSite Gallery, to understand him better as artist more so.

He gave me some good suggestive ideas, thoughts, questions to maybe consider after I had said to him about how I have this battle of contradictions between wanting to keep my figure men safe in a secure comforting home environment the dollhouse for my personal benefit and wanting to explore with them to new places and photograph them.

He asked what happens to my photos then after I just keep them and reflect on them and the process continues but the memory is recorded which is important the fact I have captured my figures in a new place, it’s a personal achievement for me too as there maker owner because I find it hard to go be in new places which aren’t familiar to me. So it’s me and them on adventure together discovering what the unknown has to offer trying too.

First I want to take them to Brighton because I have been there three times now and I have loved it the atmosphere is full on creative and musical with colour and little cool cafes and shops especially in the lanes.The beach is somewhere particularly I’m interested in to photograph my figures especially on a summers day I could place them on the sand if they were all having a conversation together chilling.I told about him about my idea for making an animation with them to see them actually move not just stand still but how hard it to create it because a lot of effort and patience goes into it.

He suggested an easier alternative way of doing it making a flipbook which is a quick way of showing animation which I think I will do because the thing with a flipbook it’s all neat and compact and I like that because it means there is no chaos and disorder with the process and I feel a lot of my work has that in so it’s a breath of fresh air when it can be simplistic.

Neil said I could use the photos I have taken of my figures in new places and then post them to friends and family using red wax to seal them so they know it’s by me that’s my mark of identity. I like that so they can keep up with the adventures of my figures I could also just do a blog record daily of the thoughts of my friends if I was able to get there feedback on the idea good or bad.

Neil mentioned Anthony Gormley the artist who makes sculpture like my figures multiple made terracotta men based in a gallery. I haven’t known of him but I haven’t looked closely at his work.So I might it’s a different perspective to say Rachel Whitbread’s work which I have looked a lot at so maybe I could do a compare and contrasting piece off reflection of the two artist work and mine together. Then at least I am getting something new out of that investigation a new outlook maybe.

Neil gave me also Venus of Willendororf Egyptian Fertility this sculpture to look at research.