Reflection from today inside my sketchbook and concertina book for Collateral


Seeing the contrasting effects happen against my raced image of myself with traced shapes of the map I have drawn on top the connection is Brighton with the two images I don’t feature my figures here visibly bit did trace them on the map but you can’t really the outline. So pleased that this all came from Brighton lucky I went to that photo booth and picked up a map a my friends university because if I hadn’t this piece of experimentation would not of happened. Brighton is such creative busy place.  

I have made myself not how I am normally looking its distorted because I have drawn on top of my traced self but that traced self isn’t amazingly just so either without the map shapes added its loose and messy, so it’s not so much of a true identity piece it’s a combined piece showing a version of me traced from a photocopy and the original image of me not featured.

This here shows the side of me that want to see myself not naturally as I am and wants to experiment changing that by adding other imagery on top of myself its quite wild and daring for me because the other side of me is safe and what to stay in my comfort zone where nothing is completely different and changing this why have said I am contradicting myself its battle of these two.

Here is a page I did today inside my concertina book.


scan four of concerntina book 29.2.16
map of Brighton Photocopied with myself traced drawn over the page on the other side. With a traced drawing of me layered up with map shapes on top.