When Jane gave us the hand-outs yesterday with the overall feedback of our work from the last module we did on it she featured at the top of the page and bottom two images of art work this one above was featured at the top. I was very interested because it’s installation art which I am really enjoying currently because I feel I can engage with it with my won art I am doing in 3D they connect.

By it its showing the art has been distracted by the string covering the room so the intention and the focus I feel is on the string and it’s about your experience to face it unless you don’t want to at all but then you might end up regretting it.

I think I would face it and it would be daunting for me because it looks like a less of an open spaced out space now because of the string added to me it feels more locked in confined like I would end up being caught and stuck in it which I don’t think I would like, but I think I would be pleased to have challenged it because it’s out of my comfort zone. I wonder how this must have gone down back then the members of the public would have been I would imagine shocked because it was the complete opposite to the traditional safe art they were used to seeing which paintings on the wall displayed are. I would like to think that some people enjoyed it and it wasn’t all negative the reactions and responses to it but at that time this kind of art was not heard off to most people.

If I had seen this when I was younger I would of found it a breath of fresh air compared to all that traditional art I was shown by mum which made me hate going to art galleries because it just looked all the same to me which was very boring as a younger girl and even in my early teens. I needed excitement and stimulation and it wasn’t there in the traditional art I saw.  

I want my figures to be an experience for the viewer’s when they are able to be displayed in the hay gallery hopefully at some point and I have everything organised I can create my red space where people can try to understand a bit of what is in my head the thoughts ideas and I said to Jane I could film the reactions of people and get them to write down any thoughts they had about it so I can reflect on them after it. Because at least this way I am not forcing my opinions on the viewers I am giving them a choice to see my work and experience it or not and I can’t force my views intentions on them I can try to but they will always have their own views.

Art as an Experience I think is the future the way forward.    

 16 Miles of String 1942 by Marcel Duchamp part of his installation for the First Papers of Surrealism exhibition New York featuring works by Paul Klee, MAX Emst, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Rene Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico.


16 Miles of String 1942 by Marcel Duchamp part of his installation for the First Papers of Surrealism exhibition New York