So yesterday I started in my concertina book starting on the positive side where I create positive drawings of my figures like Jane suggested when we were chatting and on the other side of the book negative drawings to help show what’s inside my head my thought process when I think about figures which are a part of me because a part of me I express threw them and it helps me build in my confidence with new daunting things.

I added red on top of some of my photocopied images of me and the traced over ones of me colouring in the background and the faded outlines of my figures in red to highlight pick out them as red which they are. It’s important I do this I feel because they stand out be noticed and people can understand better because it’s not obvious without the red on top that they are and I want to show them as real as possible in an image even if it’s in a collage style in a sketchbook, so the viewer can connect to them better when looking at these pages in my sketchbook.

I have not painted all of the copies left some black and white so it looks like a story of the stages of the before and after people may wonder why if I had not have done this that the red should of maybe not of been on all of them or it should of not this way I feel its well-balanced out and equal not overdoing it with the red because I know I am obsessed with it.

But it might come across quite predictable and I do want to keep some sort of variety and excitement in my work so people aren’t expecting the same as what I have already done in my last module. I have shown directional process of where I am going with my collage imagery.

I am so happy I can use collage again in my drawing imagery 2D work because I started off doing this way before my degree it’s all I did before 3D got introduced to me and ever since then I have been obsessed with 3D so coming back to what I have done in the past its lovely it feels somewhere safe to me comforting I am secure doing collage it’s not daunting I feel no worries or pressure its easy and free for me.

On the other hand I want to try to balance that out with going with my figures taking them out to new places challenging myself so I am more confident and at each stage it will progress.

I went over some of my faces of me photocopied with brio too so making myself more so distorting it changing the appearance of me which is a bit weird because I like showing the truth not changing it to be un realistic, but I have thing where I like to go over the lines with brio because it creates a different look and its slightly strange but its playful and fun.

I want to use this image to screen print with as part of my map background a friend in the studio yesterday really liked the image photocopy which was nice to hear.

I am full of contradictions with my work in particular wanting to keep them my figures but also wanting to explore and go to new places with them I guess it keeps it interesting.

Some of my concertina book drawings below