Updated studio wall.  4.2.16

After discovering my confused questioned mind yesterday because I had an idea fixed into my head and after hearing the views of my fellow friends on Tuesday, in a group discussion with Jane when she was giving us our new project showing us some work connected to it in exhibition

which was based on the subject of showing us the viewer of the work you make so the process that being shown which was important for me to show so it fits into my story of the making of my dollhouse the thoughts were from the others mostly came across apparent that they preferred not to see this just see the piece of art on its own so you can think about how it was created in your head so it has that mystery to it kept within. 

I decided in the end to just select four photos of my dollhouse displayed from early on that day and one before I had it on the plinth so theses were not at all showing the process which I felt unsure to do after hearing my friends thoughts I feel this is a happy balance middle ground it’s not running the mystery for anyone so its fine.

That idea of the mystery being lost and ruined for that viewer after the group discussion considering I had my mind set this has taken a turn my personal desire has been comprised but I am with that for the viewer’s sake.

I am pleased I have got theses photos now looking at my wall I am so proud of what I have achieved and the fact the viewer can see the some photos is great I was always thinking about having them.

I have my dollhouse presented closed because I want my figure men to be safe and secure and contained and the idea of leaving the doors open I feel unsure about anyone could touch them. And there mine.

That’s why I wanted to show in one of the photos the dollhouse opened as prove and me showing what is in my dollhouse and the excitement of it when it’s opened and I switch the lights on all this magic it’s contained though hidden with mystery.  

 It’s refined my wall which won’t last after my hand in because I work in a crazy mad way what I think my head I need to express on the wall or in waffle junk art form writing its part of my process.

The refined appearance is change I can see space cleanness it’s quite refreshing to strip it back like this for hand in shows how much space I do have and I am so lucky and I need to make sure I make the most if it so I will be think how I can always maximize it in the next project collateral. It’s a breath of fresh air at the moment.

My photos of my wall below.



photos OF MY DOLLSHOUSE displayed with my red dollshouse presented for HANDIN
Updated studio wall with four selected photos showing my dollhouse next to my red dollhouse displayed on a plinth.