Here are a few of my photos I took of some of my figure men I selected to photograph in Joe’s installation after asking him if it was OK to do and it was which I was grateful for because I didn’t want to intrude my art into his space he had used to create this installation of his choice.

The idea was for me personally to get a another chance to capture some of my figure men in a new environment which this was with the lights Joe’s art work film being shown. I thought why not ask Joe if I could do this use this chance grab it because sometimes if you don’t ask you don’t get. I was really pleased how it turned out it was a success for me and my figure men they had the experience of being in this space with all theses lights which made them look so powerful,they were almost on top of the world the light shined on them so much it was beautiful.

I picked an area where I could just photograph them neatly tucked away so they weren’t distracting anyone else walking around looking at Joe’s work so what I was doing would not look like a big deal and the centre interest. This normally is something I don;’t have to worry about about I just spread my figures out in my studio space or using the whole space sometimes so it looks like my figures have invaded taken over the studio.

With the lights being so strong sometimes my photos would come out quite dark on one side which is shown in one of my photos here and light on another side but you still can’t see the colours it just appears to be black so its giving off this false mystery appearance which is intriguing like its playing tricks on your mind because of the light and maybe the angle I took it at the photo.

I like the fact I have taken a mixture of photos some close up of the figure man and some of them lined up together making a half circle around the light I based them around which was what empowered them to look invincible. I like the fact I did this shows a variety of balance and I hope other people like them like this too if I hadn’t had done this just photographed them in the same way it would of looked boring,dull not exciting. I constantly want to be able to show my art as everything positive which I know may not be the case when other people see my art but that’s how I feel personally.