red room design 1
red room design 2    

My photos of my rough room plan design above

Now the 1.2.16

I was planning to make and design a space in the Hay Gallery’s at Colchester Institute completely take over the space of one room making it a Red Magical Paradise dream to experience for my friends people who walk in wonder myself to document just putting a part of myself in it to let others understand me a bit more and my love for red.

Because my head is a crazy place to be full of chat thoughts on going overloading all the time. Chaotic.

I found out about this after Jane mentioned about the fact she had booked up the hay gallery for the next two weeks.

I thought it would be a perfect opportunity but realised I have a lot of other work to do and I should wait until I am fully organised prepared after this module. Which I wasn’t I am not still.

I drew a rough sketchy design showing I want to cover the walls in red using red fabric so no white is showing to create the complete intense red feel atmosphere which is authentic.

I originally wanted to paint the walls red but then it would have been a pain to paint them all so then red fabric was suggested to me which is quicker cheaper to put up just have to measure each wall so I know how much exactly I need.

 I was unsure my dollhouse would be finished in time to be able to display it in this room gallery design project takeover invasion but now it’s done finished completed thanks so much to my dad I can use it.

I probably should have drawn out a better design of the room because mine isn’t that detailed in structure and clearly set out to make sense to others not just me.

It’s messy as most of my work is. I think I might have to make a better one so not just I can read which isn’t as messy. This is just an initial one to start the idea which will happen and become a reality.

Just not yet, which is hard to say for me because I was fixed on the idea so now having to be patient it’s not something I like to do find easy to do either but because I have waited it might be so much better.

Than if I had just gone about it this week making it happen because it won’t be rushed and I will be able to appreciate a lot more and so will be worth it.

As the saying goes all good things come eventually to theses that wait.