I have realised recently how much Art as an experience installation art more so then art displayed flat on the wall like a traditional painting is what I have always been striving to create and is the kind of art I love. Just whenever I see art work which is like this its always so satisfying and feels like its where I belong I fit in.

I was speaking at a friends art exhibition last year to a friend who was there also of ours saying how art as a experience installation art where its about you experiencing it within yourself and just embracing it which is exactly what I did in this exhibition which was called DECISION BY CARSTEN HOLLER which was on last summer this exhibition which involved a slide you have to go down at the end of the exhibition called it was a the Southbank in the Haywood Gallery in London unfortunately because of the rainy weather the slide was unavailable to be used to prevent accidents.

Because the title was called decision every part of the exhibition was a choice you had to make it was the complete opposite to a traditional exhibition. This was unconventional out of the ordinary alternative which suits me down to the ground I am all about that I have never tried to fit in well I may have when I was younger but as an art student I am constantly wanting to make my work different as much as it can be before someone else steals it copies it and makes there version of it.

As an art student anyway your extra special different because your creating art and that’s so important people can be have the chance to do it more people should do it. From before I started on this degree my art was never traditional I did my own thing it was a drawing it would be in my style and it will continue to be I will never let my art work be changed so my style and myself is compromised because someone has told me.

If I have one piece of advice if your an art lover wanting to do a degree or a level 2 or 3 or foundation is always be you and do the kind of art you love and its OK if it progresses and gets stronger that’s amazing.