Tuesday 26th January 201

Summary of points raised

I have cleared my studio space and are very excited about the new doll’s house object that will soon occupy the studio space. I recognise that it is the start of the planning process for a larger installation that I intend to construct in semester 2.

I want to simplify my studio space and present a series of photos of the new dolls house, documenting its development as well as images of the red objects inhabiting it.

 Jane and Kari asked Me why wanted to reveal the making process to the viewer and how that changed the viewer’s understanding of the work?

 Revealing the making process to the viewer:

Revealing the making process to the viewer shows a story of the graduation of making the doll’s house for the figures – it’s a recorded snapshot of the time when I made it. When I see those photos I will remember, it will be like a memory that is special to me, although I know that viewers might not be able to see this. It shows how the doll’s house was put together. At the end I will have a photo of how it is now with all the figures in and all the lights. This will be their permanent home; the first one was only their temporary home.

How this changes the viewer’s understanding of the work:

Hopefully it will take them on an adventure. I hope they can get into my head a bit with the figures, with showing the making of the doll’s house I hope they can see it was an important time for me and special – being able to see something being made that was my own. Making something permanent for the figures and having it red was really important. When people look at it they’ll know it’s mine – showing that ownership is important. I realise that if it was in a gallery space, like all art, it becomes less about it being someone’s and it becomes and art piece that is judged and could be criticised – it’s important for me that people know it’s mine.

I am excited about placing the Dolls house in the empty studio space.

I discussed with Jane and Carrie how setting the house on a plinth it would become an object separate from the studio and become ‘art’. Experiment with the placement of the sculpture on a plinth, directly on the floor, using red tape to mask it off etc. and document how that changes the way we view it.

Below Photos of my painted white studio wall and before it was painted.

Before and After white wall


My White Wall and white paint on the table


My White painted Wall