From 27.1.16 and Today 28.1.16

I think now My Red Dollshouse is in my studio finished with my figure men inside it feels like a relief to have got to this point thanks so much to my dad helping so much to get it finished. I wished I had done more work on it myself but because I didn’t plan my time out very well with my other work.  I have had to do and still doing its been really hard to to just focus on this. I think if I was to go about creating a dollshouse again I would make sure to do it more cheaply and try to do it in a time frame which is not very hetic and stressful for me so all my focus can go on doing it.

I was at times I thought with the prospect that it may not have been finished before my hand in next friday which would have been such a shame because its part of my piece I want to show in my space with all my submitted work.

It was so important I had it red because that shows its mine I have my idenity in it, I have ownership of it and the colour of red is just what I wanted its a proper post box red which is my ultimate favourite red which is waht london buses are post boxes very well known british landmarks.

I am pleased my figures have a permanent home and they all were able to fit inside but the worry will be next when I decide to make more and if there isn’t enough space for them all so that will be something to conisder. I still want to take my figures out thought on trips so there not always inside this dollshouse so there able to explore with me experience new things to help me become less afraid to photograph them there to build my confidence as a independent art student.

The last photo shows my lights added to the Dollshouse which is just the icing on top of the cake for me it creates this magical fantasy world within in it which completes my idea of what I wanted some of this dollshouse to be like the fact it isn’t real its whats in my head which is so special to me looking at it and when others see it it may be different but just to connect with it in some way would be lovely.

Photographing the dollshouse with the lights inside was so effective taking the shots from through the windows seeing the figures with the lights around them and from a far looking at it they were so pretty because light creates shadows and reflections you can see or not sometimes creating mystry  which I find intriguing when I have disovered it makes me question more into it. It an adventure with the two.

This process is part of my work its a story rotataional pattern make my figures or whatever mould it is travel with them and photograph them. I hope to continue with in the future.

red finished dollhouse in the kitchen
A Collage of Parts my Red Dollshouse up close.
My Finished Red Dollhouse close up view in my kitchen
Getting My Red Dollshouse in my studio space with my family.
With family
With family and me with my Red Dollshouse
Red lit up dollshouse with red lights added today 28.1.16