• Look at Rachel Whitehead because her installations really relate to my work we both create from stories and memories but the contexts in which people may see them in our work is probably different because how we go about our work is different and the context within the memories and stories are different.


  • Try painting your figures on top of her work. So photocopying her work and photos/tracings of mine and create a overlapping collage maybe detailing my individual figures cutting them out placing them on a blown up photocopy of one of Rachel Whitereads installations. Or drawing from stretch with ink or paint on top of them..


  • The pink object fits in as it shows process and form, the evolution of the object.


  • Challenge – to strip down dolls house I was using and take complete ownership of my figures away from it. Which I thought was going to be hard for me to take all my figure out because its been there temporary home for a couple months now since before Christmas and they were settled, but ultimately that dollhouse wasn’t my own original one


  • Create an Installation with my figure men a red magical Paradise which I want people to experience in a room where its full of fairy lights and red and my figure men how they feel is up to them, but my intention is to create a comforting exciting, original and unique space which I can enjoy be proud of and will help me with future project installations I hope to do after reflecting on this one.


  • May have to compromise on location for installation because of the space not being immediately available for me to use.


  • Use the doll’s house as a Marquette template to create my own i’m in the progress of making with a lot of help from my dad.


  • Work on the doll’s house between now and hand in which I have done a bit of work on it but I would love to do more its just balancing out all my other work its quite stressful so my dad has taken on a lot of the work..