Here is a collage below  I made up of my two comment sheets I put up last year one in November and one in December I think I wanted to get feedback about what I had and this way its quite quickly given to me by my friends in our studio.

I wanted to know what they thought about my photographs I took when I was in London and the Firstsite to start of with my figure men capturing them. I get so bogged down with what I think about my own work I sometimes forget to spread it out, its vital to get a different head space on your work because they can come from a completely different angle.

Taking my figure men to theses places was big step because there new for them and for me to photograph them there I have never done that since making my collection. I surprised and achieved so much I was really proud of myself because I didn’t have a real this must be I have to to do this type of intention plan it worked out and happened to be the case. Normally I do with my work but its changing so much that I have become more free and less fixated on plans ideas than I was in the past.

I have realized it works out better when you are least expecting it to happen.

I decided to print out the best photos and then eventually had the two lots together so the London ones and Firstsite ones placed on my studio wall so you could see the connections differences comparisons. So it can help me and help my friends new people understand my process better imagery can be a lot better than writing sometimes and I find its a lot easier to take photographs than write sometimes if its not a load of waffle me blabbering on writing a story which I am very good at its hard.

Perhaps others too find it is easier with photos to understand and take them than the writing. If that is so I hope I have helped others with this blog post.

So written down I have in red paint well done from Joe which was nice as a congratulations to achieving those photos. One has said if have thought speech bubbles where I write what they are thinking presumably next to my figure men’s mouths and so they could be having a conversation between them which sounds lovely I wonder what they would talk about I would like to think general normal things like well the most recently being the weather moaning how cold it is outside which is something to moan about to be fair its freezing.

It would show off there characters a lot more and show again a real element to them showing they are just like us.

Joe I think also said about my photos and the rest of my work how the two are different the idea I like organised chaos because my wall is the crazy chaotic side of me and my photos are this neat structured organised. I am really pleased he mentioned about this because its true and for him to have made that connection its what I hope a lot of people can get from my work from looking at it making themselves aware of what I’m trying to do then form there own opinion after if they have complete different that fair enough but at least acknowledge the original intention of mine.

Talking about some of the comments made on my second sheet about my London pics. One of my friends Amy said about the dollhouse I was using to take photos of most of my figure men in to show them in a home type environment before I started with my idea of making my own which I am currently doing right now. How she really liked what I had done with them inside it.

Which was really nice to say because I worked quite intensely using the borrowed dollhouse and my figures how I placed them inside to how I photographed them I wanted to show a process so it became a story now with my new own made dollhouses, a new story will come about which is exciting this will be my figure men’s actual home permanent which the one I was using wasn’t it was temporary.

It wasn’t original I had no impute into making it which is very Important I do because it makes it even more special to me because its mine and that will benefit my figure men greatly because I have made them there going into a home I made too everything is connected and I hope they have a happy ending.

The other comment was keep placing my figure men next to London landmarks like a red Double Decker bus which I did the famous Gurkin shaped building which people are familiar with which benefits me so much the more familiar it is the better so I can feel less worried about taking the photo but to experience the new is vital too, but scary the unknown because eventually it becomes a familiar place the more times I visit there and with my figures. So they can be shown a new at the start environment then in time not because I want to show them the world.