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rachel whiteread image.jpg lights houses
Information about where it was taken. Place (Village), 2006–08, Rachel Whiteread (British, born in 1963), Rachel Whiteread Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Doll houses, crates, boxes, wood, electrical fixtures, and fittings, and electricity. Courtesy the artist and Gagosian Gallery, London. Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I feel its communicating comfort & security the fact the dollhouses are lit up inside and there small in scale they have a cosy, cute and warm feel to them you would be safe around them I would be because the lights are so bright its a guide to feeling safe not sacred. Within the wider context though where the dollhouses are its a massive space which can create a daunting overwhelming atmosphere so its the total opposite to what I have initially said so its contradiction of two halves this piece.

But then again I love this massive space when I look at this piece I can imagine myself walking through it as a experience as well as art and if that space wasn’t there I wouldn’t have imagined it and nor would people who saw this originally exhibited been able to have experienced walking through it.

To get space to use and exhibit your work in or just photograph it is a real treat have realized this after being so lucky with space in my studio area with the wall space floor space picking when the best time is to spread out use all of the studio when none of my other fellow art student friends are around.

The context is all about evoking haunting memories and melancholy. Which I found on a website about the piece because of the fact there lit up inside but empty, so how I thought they were cosy and safe like a comforting home there not meant to be this that’s just my opinion because there empty quite sad to be honest.

This sculptural installation of Rachel Whiteread’s interpretation bring up the past for people reminding them of memories they had once in there life evoking them to have a reaction to it as it was persevered in a sprawling hillside community of quaint homes . Creating so many stories from this piece.

My work has changed when I’ve placed my figure men at the Firstsite Gallery and when I took four of them the red resin made ones to London with me last year how they were in environments that they had not been in before I had not taken them too.

But it really improved there life as little characters not just art in the studio its also quite repetitive, and boring at times to photograph them being surrounded in the hustle and bustle of London specially where there are red buses famous buildings sites red postboxes.

So its very traditionally British which creates this comforting connection with my figures because they relate to that as they are British some are red which is a traditionally used colour for landmarks in the the UK London specially makes it less of a less daunting process photographing them next to theses because there familiar which important as long as find that familiarity connection within new places  I am comfortable with for them that’s the main thing.

If not then its even more challenging and daunting because I have to problem solve more  a way to make it easier for myself and them so I am getting moments captured in time of them in places. Very much venturing into the unknown its becomes adventure.