Updated Reflection 10.1.16

In response to the mapping idea given to me as suggestion by Jane last year on the 1.12.15 in a tutorial I haven’t done that yet but I like the idea but creating own map that is original and special to me of the places I have been to with my little figure men and maybe using a tracing of myself drawn on large paper as the lead starting point with photos of my figures in the places I have taken them around my face so everything bounces back to me ends with me pin pointing with red thread I think because it’s part of my theme it would just fit nicely.

What I would end up creating is a pattern of layers and lines across this traced drawing of myself and the photos it would like a spider web kaleidoscope. All the layered and lines would be so personal to me because it’s me and my steps I have ventured out on to do explore with my figures. A discovery and adventure.

Since tracing an image of my figures in London for an idea I had to make my own Christmas card design I want to do more tracing and the best think about it you get a good polished finished image at the end that is better I think than say sometimes a raw freestyle drawing I can do which can look quite messy and like a toddler has drawn it sometimes not all the time because I feel I have done some good freestyle drawings.

But saying all that the traced image does get lost the more times to work into it to use to transfer onto the paper underneath it so then it is harder to get a really polished traced drawing its all the lines which you have previously gone over. So that’s the downside to using tracing paper drawing with it.

Which I noticed the more times I used my tracing to transfer onto paper with the lines weren’t as clear anymore as they were when I first used it after drawing the original image onto the tracing paper. But that meant I had press harder onto the tracing paper more times to get a imprinted line underneath.

So there are positive and negatives. Just like there are if you were using any process I guess.