A selection of photos from my trip to Maldon I went on last year on Boxing Day with my family and brought my figures along the four resin red one to photograph. Get them more cultured and by doing this it helps me with new places even though this wasn’t a new place by going with to new places and photographing them and for them as little characters to experience it get me out of comfort zone sticking to what I just know.

This place I do know though so it was mainly for them so I was taking this time but I have given myself the challenge of going to new environments like the Firstite sort of because I had been there before but not stayed there working there doing creating art. I feel they enjoyed going to Maldon being near the sea its relaxing and chilled for them a little escape from the busy hustle and bustle of studio art school life. Being near the sea I am used to it and love sort of escaping from where I am on holiday or a day from Braintree in Essex where I live it can get quite dull nothing exciting happens.

Somewhere I would love them to visit to photograph would be Hornsea Beach just down the road from where my grandparents lived its was the most awesomely cool beach In loved going down for a walk there with my family and to photograph them there would be so special a part of my family history being shared with my art who are a collection family in there own right what a treat that needs to happen them against the rocks sand the arcades too, the rock hut shops the whole seaside environment I think the photos would come out amazing.