So I wanted to photograph most of my figures that I had currently made so far not all at the time together on the table like this as a collection of my artwork so that’s why there laid down to show that because I have taken a lot of photos of them showing them a little characters having personality which is great because that’s very important for them to be portrayed as but also as artwork too I want people to see.

Here I think they look like building blocks like this as if they had been played with and a tower had been made and it had just fallen down on the table. Its quite fun and playful to think and imagine that idea its creative fun play. But at the same time worrying because maybe quite possibly it would not be me who had made the tower it might have been other people children who are loud noisy and could easily break them by smashing them together lots of times which they do with lots of thing don’t they children.

I don’t know why that idea came to me but say if I had a massive collection and a load of children suddenly happened to be playing with theses. This is my questioning thought process about it.

I would hope it would be me or friends of mine making the tower that way I would not be so worried and it would be less of a concern for me because I can trust my friends. If we were altogether in a group situation. Its about trust and personally being in my comfort zone and this would be. Its really important to me being a person who likes certain things to be the same in my life and finds change hard.

What I like here in this photo is that you see not just red and people might just think I have made red figures clearly I haven’t even though it is my theme I am glad it might surprise people who expect just red from me because I do love red and its a colour I use so much, but I do want to show diversity and variety so I am not boring and maybe if I was just to use red all the time I would be I think and that is not what I want to be.

For the people that don’t know me  and my work it is great because this I hope is what they will see from my work the first look and what comes out from them viewing my work as it is who knows unless they tell me, but hopefully it is a positive outlook rather than a negative but at least its not just all about the red.


Most of my figure men made from wax candles and crayons with some of the candles smelling of berry strawberry fruits which I have bought.