So making theses surprised me the results were unexpected using wax crayons most of the coloured crayons all vanished in the melting pot apart from the darker colours like the brown and orange for some reason stayed apparent until the end. Because I put all of my crayons in at once with a candle which smelt maybe if there had been enough single coloured crayons I would have melted them separately which is what happened after noticing it was the best way when I experimented at home to go about it.

Because my plan was to get the layers of individual colour like I got when I made my first three wax crayon figures at home but because now i am making more than three I am making four and then another four 8 altogether I don’t think it would have been possible.

The fact they did smell of not just wax but the smell of the scent the candles were of berries made them more of a sensory object so giving people more of a reason to want to pick them up and play smell them which I am uncomfortable with I don’t mind friends so much but not strangers because they are mine there precious to me and to be perfectly not really friends of mine I would want holding them smelling them just me.

I  found it interesting how the backing was orange and the rest was this brown chocolate colour not my intention but pleased that there was a colour other tan the brown chocolate colour appeared because the mixture was just that brown I never thought that orange would be there.

After making them I placed them inside the dollhouse to have them alongside the ones already there and they looked great they gave different effect to the dollhouse a different contrast compared to the dusky pink and previously done red and wax crayon ones because they weren’t red and they stood out as having there own personality and character. One a kind.

I wanted to show my gummy bears Tom let me have after bringing in some for some of us to keep I was very happy I had wanted one since the around late December 2014 so when I was able to get two last year I was very pleased one pink one with red included in it. I wanted to show them against my own figures to show the contrast and the fact that the gummy bears were my inspiration for making my own figures it was sub consciously was my starting point If I think back.


Featuring a selection of my figure men including the orange and chocolate brown coloured ones.