My updated manifestos I did using a endless, deep, meaningful and personal reflection I did from the summer of what inspired me to make my wax crayon figures which I then blew up large copies of on the photo copier and painted wrote words on them which would really encourage me to succeed improve myself and my work say if I wasn’t feeling motivated so I put be bold expressive push the boundaries don’t be afraid and covered one copy in all in red and one with red tape.

Of course I used red creating theses its part of me I feel its inside me because I have done a lot with it.

It would not be the same if I had not used it It would of been very different It might have been just as exciting, but maybe just for the audience they would of seen a different perspective developing from me which would of shocked them at first because there so used to seeing red from me but then it might of been a success and a positive change.

If I had gone about it without any red I am not sure how comfortable I would  of been a part of myself would of been missing and that’s stupid  for me if I am going to do something I want it to be so full of myself representing me that I can love it with a passion and not regret it.

I even drew my resin figures on some to really show my identity on them because theses are no one else s but saying that one I have finished making them I guess they do belong to the public which is hard to deal with because you get so attached to your work you don’t want to let it go.


updated studio wall
Studio wall