From the Tuesday 1st December 2015 My tutorial with Tutor Jane Frederick. Points raised during tutorial discussion 

Reflecting on the experiences at Firstsite, I identified some key points raised during my group crit. which were interesting to me:

The fact that I want to take the red objects on journeys– outside of mine (and their) comfort zone- why do I want to do this? How does their journey reflect my own feelings about travelling to new places? Can I identify another artist who also makes work about journeying into unchartered territory?

Explore the idea of feeling safe in some places and not in others– how does the place I am in make me feel in relation to my red objects? I said that I feel responsible for them and unhappy to allow anyone else to take them on a journey for me. Expand on my feelings about this. Do I think that my photographs demonstrate my feelings or not?

I enjoy photographing in places that the viewer might recognise: For example, the Gherkin building is clearly visible in my London photographs. Consider exhibiting my sets of photographs in discreet and mixed up order- The shoot in my garden, in the studio, at Firstsite and in London. How can I play with a story or narrative in the way that I arrange and order the works?

 I enjoy working with LINES: consider using OS maps to plot the journey of the objects using map pins and thread- how far are you prepared to travel with them?

RED: I am excited by the red filter on my Mum’s camera. Think about how I can apply red by hand directly onto black and white photocopies to draw the viewer’s attention to different shapes in the photographs.