From 8.11.15

Before I got to London on my way I took some photos of my figures on the train so I placed them next to my mum over to the sit behind, so I could take them I was using her camera because my phone wasn’t the best to use because it’s not an actual camera and using my mums was really cool the quality of photos were really pure glossy slightly tinted almost just really pretty which is what I want the best photo.

I even placed two and 1 of my figures on the window ledge the first time I placed the two they fell then I tried again and they stayed I placed them looking at each other than one facing the others behind so in a line and the fact at the time there was some sunshine, it really helped my photos come alive pop, I’ve realized a lot more now that light is so important and having great light to take photos it makes it so much easier to work around saying that ice taken them when it’s been quite dull and it’s late afternoon and they have appeared intense.

Which I like that different side effect because it creates this dark less pretty beautiful effect,  it’s more what’s happening now questionable and it’s like they’re going in a midnight run adventure my figures causing Chaos because its past there be time bless him. But most of the time when it’s light in the daytime with some sun about its perfect and creates this beautiful photo like I got today on the train reminding me of Martin Parr’s photos they have a characteristic charm appeal showing humour fun and just being British in general the classic side if what we get up to in one photo captured it’s great. 

Yesterday on Saturday I was in London and I decided to bring my red resin figures along so I could photograph them around London which was one of the ideas the group suggested for me to do on Tuesday to build their personalities up and there characters so they become like people traveling around. I took them placed on the steps around outside the national portrait gallery, in front of red double decker buses the famous gherkin shaped building, the foundation which is near to where theses lion statues were placed near to the national portrait gallery.

At one point I wanted to take photos of them in Liverpool Street station with all the people rushing to get to where they needed to be it would been chaotically busy and insightful to have photographed them there showing the madness which is Liverpool Street station would of told a story which is always what I intend to do with my figures how far I have taken them to get to this point it’s quite exciting. But I didn’t but next I will.

My intention was just to see what how they would look like in London I didn’t really have a big a massive plan for them like normally I do but it turned out to be a success they were really telling a story of them having a day out in London the photos I got I was really impressed some were slightly better than others but I have made a big jump from my garden to my studio to FirstSite to London it’s massive for me.

Now I have to select the best ones and take more make more and everything will progress from there.

Weirdly I was a bit concerned and worried taking my figures with lots of people around in London and I was having to be persuaded by mum too but then once I had started it was fine and I got more settled into photographing them and comfortable. I just didn’t like the idea of people looking at them why as if they should be private but a part of me still likes that, but the way to get more exposure is to get people looking at them to build up a profile for them so people can instantly recognize them and have an opinion on them.

I’m contradicting a lot which I always get annoyed about but Jane said its ok to do this on Tuesday it means you’re thinking lot about your work and you’re not fixed on an idea which is a positive at times so it’s not all bad.

Below some photos taken of my red resin figure men having a day out first time in London !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three of my red men with a red Double Decker London bus how cool red on red epic !!!!!!!!!!!
With a London red double Decker bus another pic !!!!!